The Benefits of Implement Document Management


"Every morning I step into office, I saw a lot of papers on my table"
"We need to acquire new file cabinet or rent a warehouse to store the printed documents"
"It took us a lot of time and effort to retrieve back past year documents"
"I lost the documents and no idea where I put after I view it. Any one saw it?"

Sound familiar to you? 90% of the organization will encounter the problem of document management and it became obvious when the quantities of papers growing as company grow. So, what is document management about and how it can help your business in saving money, time and improve the efficiency of working environment?

Document Management Software (DMS) used to track and store electronic documents or images of paper documents. IsetDMS (from France) is a suite of enterprise content management tools that serve to capture, store, preserve and deliver your organization content and documents, at the same time allow treatment of documents by allowing their indexation, classification and the automatic extraction of data from traditional print formats. It serves following roles:

  • To organize and manage documents
  • Distribute documents in electronic format
  • Monitor and validate the documents
  • Streamline procedures and automate your company workflow
  • Automate the lifecycle of documents

How Document Management can benefit your business or organization?

1.) Cost saving in physical storage

The cost of commercial property and the need to store documentation for retrieval, regulatory compliance purposes are expensive. When your business growing over time, the physical storage for printed documents normally take up 100px - 50% of the entire workspace.

By implement document management system, scanning documents and integrating them into document management software can greatly reduce the amount of prime storage space required by paper and also allow any documents that still have to be stored as paper to be stored in less expensive locations. In addition, it makes the first step towards a process of quality certification (ISO).

How much your company spent per year on physical storage for documents? RM10,000 per year or even more?

2.) Save your time in documents retrieval

"Unable to locate printed documents in urgent"

"Take up whole day just to manage and retrieved pass years documents"

"No idea where the documents located"... etc

This is the problem of retrieving documents stored as hard copies. Based on calculation, many companies wasted minimum RM 19,800 per year on papers management, and we talk about minimum and amount increase when company grows.

By implement document management system, it scanned and stored them centrally in your server. Less time is spent locating the documents as they can be retrieved without leaving a desk and users can access the documents simultaneously while others viewing it. In addition, you can access the documents anytime anyplace as long as connected to the Internet, give you the flexibility. It provides both physical confirm and intellectual confirm workspace to your employees.

How much your company spent per year on delivery services for shipping your documents to offsite physical storage or retrieve documents from there?

3.) Flexible Indexing

Even though indexing printed documents can be done in more than one way but it is awkward, costly and time consuming. By implement document management system, it can be done in several different ways simultaneously.

4.) Improved, faster and more flexible search

To locate the printed documents, how do you find it? If the documents are categorized with proper labeling on the file cabinet, it makes your life easier but how if it is not?

Document management software can retrieve files by any word or phrase within the documents content itself (Full-text engine) which impossible for printed document. Important is, once you key-in the keywords, the result appear within a second and you get what you needs.

5.) Improved, control on documents distribution and automate workflow

"Did you saw the little file tray on your table which label with "In", "Out" or "Pending"?"

By implement document management system, it is easy for colleagues or clients to share the documents over a network, by email or via the Web in a controlled manner and all can be done within a second. We can even help you in monitoring your documents distribution among the departments or the entire organization, not only internal but also external.

In addition, one of the roles of document management is automate your business workflow. It can help you in:

  • Scheduling and monitoring works
  • Regulate the sequences of operations
  • Ensure traffic caseload
  • Monitor work priorities
  • Manage time and keep them in sync
  • Trigger alerts

6.) Improved your business productivity and sales

Document management software can improve your business cash flow and sales. The increapsed productivity of processing document-based processes such as invoices, debt collection and other "cash critical" business documents ensures that the flow of cash can be controlled centrally and all documentation required making cash flow decisions can be accessed immediately. Integration and leverage with ERP, MRP, SCM, and e-Business Applications able to reduce your business cycle times and improve business productivity.

In term of customer services support, document management software provide immediate answer with simultaneous access to all documents related to orders, customer requests or inquiries to strengthen customers or partners relationship. In addition, you may enrich your offer to your clients or supplies via your website by publishing of documents via Web..

7.) Save cost in office stationary

"Let me photocopy extra for you."
"There is incoming fax. Please replace with paper and ink to receive."
"We running out of papers and ink cartridges"

By implement document management software, it provides a cost saving by reducing the overheads associated with paper based document distribution, such as printing, papers, postage and etc.

Look at your business, find out how much your business spent in papers and ink cartridge every month.

8.) Improved security

Printed documents stored in traditional filing cabinet or filing room provide a certain level of security. However, once you manage to open the cabinet or get into the filing room, you can access to all documents without control.

By implement document management software, it can provide better, more flexible control over sensitive documents because it allow administrator to set different access level based on group or users. In addition, document management software also provides an audit trail of who viewed an item, who modified an item and when, which is difficult to maintain with printed documents.

9.) Disaster recovery

How long papers can store? What happen if your office break-in? What happen if natural disaster or something unexpected happens?

Document management software provides an easy way to backup documents for offsite storage and disaster recovery providing failsafe archives. To keep you in piece of mind, we provide data backup solution for you in a package to ensure your documents is safe all the time.

10.) No lost files

Lost documents can be expensive and time-consuming to replace. Imagine you lost your proposal or important documents while in a rush, is some kind of stress might kill you.

By implement document management software, all documents remain centrally stored when being viewed, edit and so none are lost or misplaced. We also provide double security where deleted files in the document management software still stored in the database but move to another "Folders", to prevent accidently delete.

11.) Help new employees get started in new environment

How much times wasted on new employees get started in new environment or take over resigned employees tasks?

By implement document management software, it assist the new employees get started into new environment in short period of time. By accessing their account, they know what their roles are, what tasks or project to be done, what jobs remain before the resigned employees leaving and etc. It improves the productivity and reduces training costs.


Simple calculation on Cost saving for implement document management (Based on minimum calculation)


Monthly Saving

Yearly Saving

Labor Cost saving in paper documents filing, retrieving

Cost saving in handle paper documents
(estimated 10 peoples with RM10 per hour wages, based on 22 working days)

RM 1,100.00

RM 13,200.00

Cost saving in documents copies / printing
(estimated 10 peoples with RM10 per hour wages, based on 22 working days, exclude office stationary costs)

RM 183.33

RM 2,196.96

Cost saving in documents filing
(estimated 10 peoples with RM10 per hour wages, based on 22 working days, exclude office stationary costs)

RM 366.67

RM 4,400.04


RM 1,650.00

RM 19,797.00



Monthly Saving

Yearly Saving

Cost Saving in Physical Documents Storage

Off-site storage per month
(normal off-site storage without proper facilities to maintain documents condition)

RM 850.00

RM 10,200.00

Labor costs for accessing off-site storage to retrieve documents

RM 300.00

RM 3,600.00

Overnight delivery services
(delivery documents to off-site storage)

RM 320.00

RM 3,840.00

Others costs (e.g. ~ stationary costs, file cabinet, cost of wasted of office room & etc.)

Unable to estimated (depend on individual case)


RM 1,470.00

RM 17,640.00

You Can Save Minimum RM 37,437.00 per year

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