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A document management system is a computer program or a set of computer programs that help you organize the documents on your computer. Any business generates a large amount of documents such as financial reports, human resources reports, memos and many other types of written information. Without an efficient document management system it can take you hours to find the exact information you need. Document control software can help you organize a comprehensible structure for your documents so that you won't have to waste too much time when you are looking for specific information. A good document management system helps your business to increase its productivity and to save money at the same time.

Originally, document management systems were used to scan paper documents and to store computer images of those documents along with a brief description in order to make it easier to find them. The process of scanning and processing paper documents in a digital form is called imaging. A good document management system should have good imaging features as well as easy to use record management features.

Some of the most important features you should look for in a document management system are a user friendly interface (this saves you a lot of money when you train your employees to use the document control software), a full package of modules that cover all the logistical aspects of your business and comprehensible technical support. A good example of an efficient document management system is Paradigm II, a computer program which offers a complete set of tools for organizing all aspects of your business.

Good document control software usually has security options that grant access to certain documents only to authorized persons. This is very important for the security of your entire business. Document control software also keeps track of all your documents, no matter what their format is and it also organizes them in directories and sub directories.

You can decide if you want these directories to be public or if they can be accessed only by authorized personnel. Document control software can also manage the check-in and check-out of your documents and organize your documents life cycle.

Documents are a vital part of every business's daily functioning. In order for your business to develop, you need a reliable document management system. Before you start looking for document management software services, you should asses your document management needs depending on the size of your business and the number of employees. Different document management software services offer different software packages and you have to make sure that the product you have purchased is the right one for your business.

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