Doctrix Benefits & ROI

Doctrix Benefits

Some of the key benefits the DocTrix Enterprise DMS can offer your business:

  • Never lose a document again. Scanned paper documents, emails and electronic docs are all stored in the same archive. All documents are searchable based on content or metadata (Date, To, From, etc).
  • Ease of use. Automated email and document capture means minimal administration. ‘Web search’ style interface requires zero end user training.
  • Security. Full document level and user level protection. A full audit trail of document access and life cycle.
  • Productivity. Take seconds to find documents. Search for emails and documents created by other users. Eliminate mail server capacity issues, emails no longer need to store in Inboxes or .PST files.


Doctrix Return of Invements (ROI)

doctrix-cost-of-adminCost of Admin


doctrix-cost-of-lostCost of Lost and Misfiled Documents

A modest sized business might spend as much as RM300,000 a year in wages paid to receptionists and administrators. It has been estimated that 30% of their time is spent on retrieving, replacing or adding to client files or other documents. This equates to more than RM90,000 a year being spent only on paper handling.


Each time a paper file is used; there is a risk that it may be misfiled making it hard or impossible to find in future. In a paperless system, documents are stored electronically with both the usual indexing information (client name or number, date, etc.) as well as full text search capability. If for example, a letter was accidentally stored under the wrong client name it would still be possible to perform a search to locate missing document quickly and efficiently based on text within the document. This could run into 10’s of thousands of Ringgits.


doctrix-cost-of-office-spaceCost of Office Space


doctrix-email-archivingE-mail Archiving

Storing documents electronically releases the floor space back for desks or offices and can even offset the need to move to a larger premise. A typical filing area would be approximately 32sqms in size and at an average cost of $350/sqm pa this equates to a paper storage cost of over RM30,000 per annum.


Many businesses rely on printed copies of emails for archiving and compliance purposes. The amortised cost per printed page on a multi-function device (print/scan/copy/fax) is around 20 cents. Therefore in a company of 50 employees with an average of 15 emails needing to be retained per day, this equates to over RM150,000 per annum.


doctrix-data-availabilityData Availability


doctrix-document-securityDocument Security & Retention

Electronic documents can be accessed via the web providing a truly mobile solution. This negates the need to carry or ship paper based originals and making it easy to share documents between different physical locations. The DocTrix Enterprise DMS also enables selected electronic documents to be ‘circulated’ to a storage device (USB memory stick, DVD, CD, etc) along with an inbuilt search utility. Moreover, whilst on employee has a paper file in their possession, it cannot be accessed by anyone until it is returned. The DMS provides a check-in , check out facility which identifies that a document is being updated but other users can still access the original. A full audit trail is maintained to see who did what with a document and when.

Again this is a difficult area to assess a cost saving but it is easy to see that the benefits to any business could run to many 10s of thousands of Ringgits.


Paper based documents are susceptible to fire, water, theft and other damages. The DocTrix DMS provides a robust backup of the paper originals in TIFF format which is the standard for almost all electronic document retention legislation. Combined with the integrated email archive, the DMS ensures that all important corporate documents are safe, secure and readily available. Priceless!

The system also provides improved control of sensitive company information. Security access to documents such as financial, HR and legal papers can be strictly controlled and authority can be limited by individual document, document group or by user rights. For example, a sales manager could have access to all ‘Sales and Marketing’ emails and documents including those created or received by their entire sales team.




In the event your company becomes embroiled in some form of litigation, you may find yourself in a court imposed ‘Discovery’ situation. Judges have it in their powers to insist on the provision of all documents relating to the case and will stipulate a deadline for them to be made available. This can result in a great deal of time and money expanded in restoring old email backups and searching for paper files and documents.



DocTrix document management system is the best choice in the market place because it is simple to use and implement whilst not sacrificing functionality.

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Benefits & ROI

The paperless office has been discussed for many years whilst a true paperless environment is neither practical nor desirable, significant benefits and cost savings can be achieved through storing documents electronically.

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