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doctrix-logoDocTrix Document Management System (DMS) is an integrated document management appliance. Its purpose is to address issues managing and locating information faced by organizations today with respect to email, paper and electronic documents. The document management system ships ready to install and requires very little client side configuration which enables a quicker adoption of the technology and faster ROI

How does the DocTrix DMS Work?

doctrix-document-managemnet-flow5 — 10 years ago it was simpler. Business had one major form of communication, the paper based letter. Employees knew if they wanted to find information within the business, they simply went to the filing cabinet. The advent of email, word processing, presentation graphics, bitmaps and spreadsheets has put an end to this.

The DocTrix document management system allows for the automated collection of information across the enterprise. It has a strong focus on integration with existing software applications on the network and leverages the information stored in these products to reduce the work required to collect this data and enrich its storage/location. The DWMS’s primary means of search is a thin web-based client which simplifies the implementation. The document management system stores all information created by the business regardless of file format. Typical email archiving solutions have no ability to manage and store the paper records. Although some document management solutions have the ability to store emails as a file, most lack the ability to automatically capture it. Those that can capture it treat it as a document and lack the ability to restore the mail at the touch of a button and many other mail specific needs.

Why is it different from other solutions on the market?

DocTrix document management system combines the best of email archiving, workflows and document management in one. Most all of the applications either focus on one function or the other. The DocTrix document management system has been developed to manage all types of information by default. One may choose not to deploy certain functionality, electronic documents for example, however the functionality ships with every appliance. This absence of separate modules with separate features means the management of the application is very simple.

The single, central, on-line information store simplifies staff interaction and use of the enterprise intellectual property. Learning curves are almost non-existent as the search functionality is deployed in a web-based client that looks and feels like a standard web search engine such as Yahoo or Google.

The document management system is the only offering on the market to provide this feature set in a plug and play appliance which makes for the ideal solution in implementations that are geographically distant.


DocTrix document management system is the best choice in the market place because it is simple to use and implement whilst not sacrificing functionality.

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Benefits & ROI

The paperless office has been discussed for many years whilst a true paperless environment is neither practical nor desirable, significant benefits and cost savings can be achieved through storing documents electronically.

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